Corporate Comms: 5 Ways to Handle the Media

Communication is the key to the success of any company both internally and for society at large. Through communication and the use of its tools, there is the interaction between employees within a company, and it is through it that the company guarantees its good image and reputation.

And to maintain these qualities, a company has to make sure they have good communication with the media. Within the many ways of doing it, here are a list 5 best ways to handle the media:

  • Press Conferences
  • Corporate Email
  • Press Releases
  • Events
  • Social Media

5 Ways to Handle the Media

This is post 6 in a series of seven posts on key aspects and skills required for building an effective corporate communication culture within a company. Please go through the original article and learn more about what skills we have been discussing in this series, here’s the link.

In any case, for all these tips, companies or Directors of communication must polish their written and verbal corporate comms strategy, and have an adequate posture to face the media. Later in this article, we will touch on how to improve these skills.

Press Conferences

This is one of the most formal and conventional ways to communicate with the media. Generally, the company sends letters to the media inviting them for a press conference to announce or explain something.

The advantage of press conferences is that your message will go worldwide through various TV channels to Social Media. And this will make the company more notable, and in the case of products, the sales can increase significantly.

But it can also make the company’s image tarnished, especially if the press conference is broadcast live. That is why it is important to prepare everything before it starts, makes sure your speech is written properly, the dress of the people on the stage, and other elements.

Corporate Email

A company is only considered credible when it uses corporate email to send emails to make contacts. All the information that goes to the media has to be clear that it comes from credible sources. If a company uses normal email accounts for any reason, they are running risks of cloning.

Nowadays, it is very easy to create an email account to spread fake news, so a corporate email makes sure that the risk of having the account closed or twisted information is shallow.

Press Releases

Press Releases are another effective way to share information, and companies use them a lot. Situations such as malfunction, information on the temporary interruption of services, and others make this method preferred.

Just like at the press conference, press releases are good to make your message go worldwide. The only difference is that it commonly is done through written text, which has to be very well prepared and analyzed before it goes to air.


Events are a great opportunity for companies to interact with the media. It’s very common for companies to realize stat of activities, social events, year-end events, and others. In these situations, they will call the media to cover the event and conduct interviews.

During these events, the companies will share their goals for the year and update the company’s status. The events are prepared to sell the image and make people see that they are organized and have more chances to be successful.

Social Media

This method is relatively new compared to the others, but it has been the company’s choice for the past few years because they already know that their customers spend more time on social media. And in order to follow them, the media uses platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Recently, many broadcast companies started to use Youtube to make live streamings because they realized that many people now spend a good part of their time on the phone or tablet. with a considerable number of live streamings, Youtube will be the future of the Media.

Compared to the others, this method can be less expensive and sometimes it does not have any costs. The only thing a company has to do is to create social media accounts for that purpose. Platforms like LinkedIn are also important to boost the company’s image and announce vacancies.

Social Media is hard, your company may get a lot of feedback from trolls and you need to have a solid strategy on how to deal with that. Here’s a great TED talk by Emily Sutton on How to Handle Jerks on Social Media.

How to Effectively Deliver a Press Conference Presentation

When you are going to talk at a press conference, you have to be honest and avoid lying. When you don’t know, tell the truth. Another important rule is not changing your mood when you receive questions that make you feel uncomfortable. Remain calm and respond positively.

Be brief and speak louder, a press conference should last 5 minutes, and your voice must be in a tone that everyone in the room will hear you perfectly, so try to be objective and straight to the point. If your speech takes longer than 15 or 20min, people may lose attention, and you end up not delivering your message properly.


The media has a leading role in the dissemination of information from companies and institutions. Over 90% of organizations worldwide contact the media to share their information, make their current stage known, and avoid being forgotten by the public.

In this article, we shared the best tips to improve your appearance on media and keep the company’s image at a good level or make it go even higher. Some of these methods shared here are being used for decades, which means you may have to update how you use them to face the actual needs.

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