5 Ways Teamwork Promotes Good Customer Service

Teamwork is key in many areas of a business as most of them require combined knowledge and a lot of energy to develop. In customer service, it isn’t different. 

Although agents usually interact with customers one on one, teamwork is essential as it promotes good customer service in many ways. By: 

Reducing Problem Solving Time

Working as a team in customer service will most likely create a good, fast-paced dynamic between the teammates, as where one teammate struggles, the other can come in and help save the day. 

In addition to that, people prefer fast-paced dynamics now, especially when it comes to problem-solving. 

Most customers expect their issues to be solved within the first contact with a company’s customer service line. There’s a bigger chance of it happening if your team is connected and working together. 

I’ll never forget the hustle and tussle that I’ve had with a particular company. They had me calling different agents, repeating myself, and later going to their store to solve a minor issue that could’ve been solved through the phone (had they worked together on it). You want to make sure this is not the type of memory your customers have from your service. 

Relieving Your Team Members Of Pressure and Stress 

Dealing with customers when they are troubled by issues isn’t the easiest job. Without a solid team, your agents run the risk of feeling too pressured and stressed, causing them to do the job wrong or quit altogether. 

You want to make sure that your agents have some space for breathing. You want to make sure that your agents can pass the call to the next agent when they can no longer deal with a difficult client or situation. 

Want to learn more about handling difficult customers and other stressful sides of the customer service work? Check out our article on the Most Difficult Things about Customer Service and the tips shared on how to tackle them.

That benefits your company and benefits your customers, as they will most likely always have the attention and care they deserve. 

Providing a Richer Customer Service 

Connecting your customer service agents as a team, giving them the freedom to take the customer on a journey that will result in problem resolution will highlight your services as seamless and satisfactory. 

Customers benefit from the easy connection between multiple channels as sometimes that is the best and only way to take them to the desired solution. Yet, that can only be achieved if you group your agents and have them work together and in sync, regardless of the channel or platform they are focused on. 

Suppose a customer needs to move from the live chat to the call line. An agent who works on the live chat and is in touch with another agent from the voice call line can connect the latter with the customer without any issues—relieving the customer from having to face more waiting time and having to explain his issue again. 

Motivating Team Members

Teamwork usually motivates singular agents more than an individual-based dynamic. It transforms the work environment by having more people to interact with, based on the work they all share and based on other things they might have in common. 

Knowing that someone has their back can also be a good motivation for agents as humans usually need to feel included and to feel like they are part of something. 

Guaranteeing Customer Satisfaction 

Teamwork takes you closer to the primary goal of good customer service: customer satisfaction. By improving your services in many areas, teamwork is most likely to drive your agents to correctly address your customer’s issues and problems, putting them in a better position to solve them and guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Sometimes, even if they can’t solve the problem, giving the client the feeling that the whole company gave their best to solve it can leave a client appreciative of the efforts, even if not completely satisfied. 

Besides the benefits to customer service, teamwork is an excellent tool for the company’s growth and personal growth. There’s a lot that can be learned from it.

It’s clear that it’s essential for good customer service. It combines different people with diverse knowledge, allowing them to grow individually and in work, growing your company and assuring customer satisfaction. 

How can you create a great Customer Service team? 

To build a great customer service team, there are 5 key steps that are core to succeeding:

  • Train your agents and instill the culture of customer centricity;
  • Develop their mindset from an individual, competitive mindset to a group mindset;
  • Lead them by example;
  • Show them the importance of the core values that make a good team player, such as respect, an open mind, and a willingness to learn from others. 
  • Reward performance and innovative ideas to keep customers engaged and happy

It certainly won’t be the easiest task, but you can make it happen with a little bit of patience. Apart from that, there’s so much for you and every member of your team to gain from it. 

What Can Teamwork Teach You? 

  1. Humbleness 

Teamwork leaves you more humble and open to others opinions. 

  1. Diversity

It forces you to work with different individuals, from different backgrounds, and with different perspectives about work and life. It’s the best way of making you embrace diversity. 

  1. Respect 

Teamwork can teach you a lot about mutual respect. You are put in a position of not only accepting other perspectives but respecting them, even when they oppose yours. 

From another standpoint, a team dynamic is a great way to learn how to treat others with respect as that is the only way to maintain a healthy relationship between all team members. 

  1. Compromise

It’s impossible to co-exist in a team dynamic without knowing how to compromise. Lacking this ability can single you out from the group through your own alienation or the group’s rejection. 

For this reason, when working in a team dynamic, you will most likely learn the importance of compromising instead of having everything go your way. 

  1. Communication 

When working with a team, you are forced to communicate to get ideas flowing, problems solved, and many other things working. 

  1. Trust 

By forcing you to let go of control, a team dynamic will teach you how to trust others. In many situations, you’ll have to go by what the group agreed upon or what another team member decided. To diffuse unnecessary stress, the only thing that will help you is learning how to trust your team. 

  1. Healthy Risk-Taking

You’ll be forced to take risks, as not everything the team decides will be within your comfort zone. The good thing is that the risks you will have to take are healthy risks that are growth-inducing and don’t pose any danger. 

  1. Companionship 

The best part of working with a team is the companionship, based on the shared experience, that bonds you and your teammates in a unique way that you won’t bond with other people. 

  1. Conflict Resolution 

Not all are rainbows and butterflies in a team dynamic. Sometimes the things that make individuals strong will set them so far apart from the team that it might cause conflict. Yet, only that same team dynamic can teach you how to go about conflict and how to put the highest good before your ego. 

Examples of Teamwork In Customer Service 

A few examples of teamwork in customer service are : 

  • Team Training:

Where you group all your agents for training or assign mentors to new agents, promoting an exchange of experiences and bonding. 

  • Multichannel Platforms:

Where you connect your agents across channels, allowing them to give your customers a seamless. 

Overall, keep in mind that the quality of your teamwork dictates, in large, the quality of your company’s services and your agent’s productivity. For that reason, it’s essential to consider it and invest your time and energy in creating a good teamwork dynamic. 

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