Inspiring Action: 5 Ways Leaders Inspire Actions

In everything you do, something inspires us, something you believe that if you follow or do as someone else does, you will be doing the right thing. Generally, companies will hire Leaders that have the power or gift to inspire others.

In this article, you will learn how to be an Inspiring Leader and motivate and mobilize the masses.

To effectively Make people get inspired by your actions, you need to care about what you are saying, and more than that, your actions have to be relevant, and your leadership must be able to support others on challenging goals.

Here are some tips on How leaders inspire others to act:

  • Be passionate and enthusiastic
  • Read your Followers Minds
  • Lead by Example
  • Leaders should CARE for their people
  • Believe in Yourself

This is post 5 in a series of posts about how to build effective corporate communication. Leaders are the cornerstone of making this all work, so that’s why we are addressing their role in promoting action. To check out more about how to have effective corporate communication, please check this article.

ways leaders inspire action

5 Ways Leaders Inspire Action in Others

Be passionate and enthusiastic

First, you have to show that what you are asking people to do really matters. Somehow, if you give a task to someone, make him understand that that task is essential to achieve the results you are seeking. To get your followers inspired, you have to get excited about telling them what to do.

Read your followers Minds

People have challenges, a strong side, and also have needs. All you have to do is spend some time figuring out what these challenges are, helping them get around, using their strong side positively for their own benefit and the company, and finally, understanding their needs.

Lead by Example

Another important thing for you to do as a leader who wants to inspire your followers is to do what you preach. Your followers must get inspired through the actions you take and behave in a way that makes them want to be like you.

If you keep calm when your employees are freaking out, they will find it inspiring. If you know how to react in difficult times, maintain peace, and keep the work on track, they will undoubtedly feel inspired.

Leaders should CARE for their People

The truth is that everyone should care for each other. As a Leader, you have to care about your followers, make them feel important, make them believe that what they do adds value. People will feel inspired if you show them kindness and treat them nicely. 

There is a clear pattern called The Golden Circle that shows how inspired leaders and normal ones operate. Most companies will follow this pattern to run their business. Some believe that thinking from outside to inside is the strategy, while others do the opposite.

In this example, we can clearly see how inspiring leaders or companies operate, where some companies are engaged in explaining what they do and how they do it but rarely answer why they do it.

Companies with inspiring leaders will first tell you why you have to buy their products, which is more important when buying things. This will make customers use products from the whole ecosystem of that company because they already know why they have to buy from you.

All this is done not only by the leader In a company but the whole staff team. The leader will be responsible for thinking smart and inspiring all the employees to do the same, and from there, the leader will convince their customers that they are the right choice.

Believe in Yourself

The first thing you have to do to inspire others by your actions is to believe in yourself and put in your mind that you can do it. Some people look up for guidance when they see a leader. They see in a leader someone who can convince them about right and wrong.


To sum up, every company must have inspiring leaders to help motivate their employees. The truth is, for a company to grow, it needs a motivated staff. And for that to happen, the company must hire leaders to inspire the employees by their actions.

As you saw in the Golden Circle Example, Successful companies will think from inside to outside to make their business grow and reach more customers. All this is possible when you have Leaders that can think smart and take actions that really inspire the employees.

If you are a leader or pretend to embrace leadership, these tips are essential to gain more followers. They are applicable at all levels, not only in companies but also for those inserted in organizations or individuals who want people to get better in their lives.

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