Public Relations: Definition, Types, Function

Whenever you want to create and/or maintain a favorable public image, you are doing Public Relations. It is a communication process that every company uses to achieve goals and keep up the good status behind the other organizations and the public.

If you are dealing with a company’s image and communication, then this topic is for you as we will break down what is Public Relations and why it is important for an organization. Aware that everything has pros and Cons, you also will know the Negative part of PR.

What are Public Relations?

In a few words, Public Relations is a communication strategy that organizations use to build mutual benefits in their relationships with their public. It can also be understood as a practice of promoting and protecting the company’s image.

What is the Purpose of Public Relations?

PR’s main purpose is to analyze what information will go to the public and how it goes to maintain a positive brand image and fortify the relationship with the target audience or organizations.

Now that you know the Definition of Public Relations, let’s Dive into its main purpose, main functions, the common types, and other things that can help you as a Professional of PR or even if you are starting your own company.

public relations

As you may imagine, there is a lot to learn and to know about Public Relations, therefore, among all the things about it, you have to pick only those things that will meet your company’s objectives. But for all purposes, it is essential to know everything so that you won’t be surprised when someone else or an organization uses PR skills that you are not using.

Unlike Advertising, where organizations pay to see their brand in spots, product announcements, and more, Public Relations Professionals promote their brands, highlighting their vision, mission, and values, appearing on TV embracing social causes or environmental.

It is also essential to mention that PR’s objectives are to increase the company’s visibility, for example, on social networks, take care of the company’s internal communication internal company communication to guarantee a more integrated company. And also to create partnerships with companies that can be the potential to be a business opportunity.

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Functions of Public Relations

A Public Relations Professional is also in charge of preparing and executing an institution’s communication plan; he is also responsible for maintaining the effort to maintain the understanding between the institution and its public.

Of course, these are just a few of the functions in PR. Down below, we will list some other functions that are crucial at your organization or institution.

#Some Functions of Public Relations
1Writing Speeches
2Be Responsible for managing the company’s social media pages, and respond to public reviews, questions, or suggestions
3Represent the organization in government matters and agencies
4Speaking on behalf of the organization with the media
5Keep good relations with investors
6Writing content for the web

These functions are necessary according to the company’s needs; it may be the case that your company does not need all these functions depending on your industry and its size.

Why Public Relations are important

Public Relations is important because it makes the brand more credible, increases the company’s finances, and online awareness. and also,  with PR Campaigns people will see the business in a different way, stop hearing rumors, and getting business information from the main source.

Public Relations are also important for everyone, but they can be more important for young people and even adults who want to start a business or a company. It is essential to have this knowledge that will make your information relevant to the public.

For someone who already has a company that is not achieving success, a good PR campaign can transmit and carry out the promotion that will attribute the image to an organization in a creative way and without operating costs.

On the other hand, this type of campaign can be an excellent opportunity to attract possible investors and business partners that would improve the campaign’s effectiveness, showing the institution’s success in question.

Types of Public Relations

Public relations can be divided into types for a better organization and distribution role for the professionals. We will slightly mention those that are commonly used by companies around the world which are:

  • Media Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Government Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Internal Relations
  • Customer Relations

This will help you choose which ones fit your company’s needs and hire (if that is the case) someone who already has skills for that particular type of relationship. In some cases, you may find it necessary to have skills for all kinds of Public Relations.

Pros and Cons of Public Relations for Businesses

Public Relations Pros and Cons

Positive Points of PR

Public Relations increases the credibility of the public. They will trust the message you are passing to them more than paid advertisements do. It is less expensive, as you are going to use all the communication tools in your favor, compared to marketing, it becomes better in terms of costs.

Communication in public relations is better than in the other ways to communicate. Once the main purpose is to maintain the brand’s good image, the professional will do everything to convince the public that their organization is the best choice for the public.

Negative Points of PR

There is no direct control of the information shared by the media over the internet, which means that if someone or a blog publishes twisted information about your organization, it may create chaos that you will not be able to resolve directly.

Another negative point is that there is no guarantee of (good) results. Since the organization does not pay for the content that airs, the media will publish only what they believe will attract the audience and not what professionals believe is beneficial to the company’s good image.


In conclusion, public relations are indispensable in a company. To make your business known at the national level, make contacts with other companies, and make partnerships, you need to have a public relations department in your company.

A Professional in Public Relations Must know what he is working on and also know all these tips. In such a way that the company can flourish only with the actions taken in this sector.


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