15 Places to Learn Leadership Skills FREE or on a Budget

For some people being a leader is a natural gift. They are born with the spirit of Leadership. As they grow, you find them leading in their group of friends without being indicated.

To be a professional leader, more than having it as a natural gift, you have to improve your leadership skills to convince your public that you are an excellent inspiration, visionary that others can follow or collaborate with you to materialize that vision.

In this article, we will list 15 places where you can learn how to improve your leadership skills for free or even on a budget. They are places that offer the best Training for every acting area. You will also find common tips on how to boost your skills. Check the list below and stick with us as we go to what you can find in each one.

  1. Udemy
  2. Mindtools
  3. Alison
  4. Open Learn
  5. Skills Converged
  6. MIT Open Course Ware
  7. Weekly Leader
  8. Open.edu
  9. American Management Association
  10. Bell Leadership Institute
  11. Center for Creative Leadership
  12. Master Class Management
  13. Level 5 Leadership
  14. American Management Association
  15. Latitude U

The benefits of improving Leadership Skills

The main reason you will want to improve your skills in Leadership is to become a better professional in your career and a better leader overall, which will make you reach more people and be a reference when it comes to Leadership. 

places to learn leadership

15 Places to Learn Leadership Skills FREE or on a Budget


Udemy is one of the major online learning websites with more than 130 thousand courses to offer. The most popular categories are Development, Business, Marketing, IT & Software, Design, Personal Development, Music, and Photography.

Most of them are paid but relatively inexpensive, but it is granted that you learn from the best instructors, it is safe to say that investing your time and money in them will give you good results.

In the case of Leadership skills, you may have to pay a subscription according to your needs. The overall satisfaction rating is about three stars. People have different opinions once some courses can be longer than others.


Mindtools is one of the most popular management learning solutions. In their Platform,, you will find a list of 60 different skills to improve your Leadership and become one of the world’s top leaders.

You will also find in their toolkit Team Management, Strategy Tools, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Project Management, Time Management, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Creativity Tools, learning skills, and Career Skills. 

To join the club, you will be asked to pay $1 to join the club, putting you in advantage when you apply for the courses.

There is a top 50 list of the most rated courses on Mindtools, and most of them are positive, so if you are thinking of joining them, this is the reason you do not hesitate.


Alison is a free platform to learn over 2000 online courses. The top 10 are: Leadership skills, French Language, Photography, English Grammar, Entrepreneurship, HR, Project Management, Customer Service, Microsoft Excel, and Psychology. 

If you are starting on Leadership business, Alison may be the best choice for you as they do not charge for leadership skills training.

You will be able to see ratings from other participants that, more than that, they also tell you the needed amount of time to complete the course.

Open Learn

On this Platform, every course is free for those who are willing to participate. You will find a wide selection of courses related to Leadership. The courses are separated into eight categories, from Health to politics and Laws. The only thing you have to do is to choose the class according to your need and the time you want to spend.

Skills Converged

Skills converged offers you a combination of written material and exercise to do with your team or alone, so if you are looking for this kind of improvement, they get you covered.

You find featured products like Strategic Planning, Supervisory Skills, Advanced Leadership Skills, and Emotional Intelligence on their Platform. They have two books to help you with your Training: Focused Determination and Train the Trainer Art of Training Delivery.

A lot of online resources intent to get you thinking, to help you improve your leadership skills through reflection and analysis, and the others are designed to allow you to be involved in team-building projects that will not only benefit you but your entire organization.

Skills Converged have good ratings from those who already did Training with them, so if you are looking for a platform that is free of charge to start your career in Leadership, this might be a good option for you.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is another free online learning platform that offers Organizational Leadership and Change Class. They also have courses like Building and leading Effective Teams through the Sloan School of Management, all at a graduate level and for free.


Lynda.com is one of the best platforms to learn leadership skills online. Their courses are paid for, and you have to register your account to start your lessons there, and the first month is free. They have courses for Developers, Business, Design, Web, Photography, and Marketing in their categories.

The Leadership lessons are indicated for individuals and teams who want to improve their leadership skills, make decisions, and set goals seamlessly. 

Another good thing about this Platform is that you have an option to choose if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. The profile of the course indicates the duration of each course you are going to apply.

So far, they have received more good ratings than bad ones for the fact that you will find many options to have your course, and all of them are done through small videos, which makes them easier to understand.

As we mentioned before, this Platform is for everybody who wants to learn, from beginners to experts. the Platform understands that learning is never enough, even for those who are masters on the matter


EDX ORG offers free and paid online courses, which is one of the most educational websites. The Platform is structured for busy people who have less time and for students who want to go deeper on leadership skills.

On their Programs, you will find categories like Microbachelor, MicroMasters, Professional Certificate, Xseries, Online Masters Degree, and executive education, all well described to meet your needs. Their top Category courses are Data Science, Computer Science, Business, Engineering, and Design.

It is important to mention that you will be learning from members of more than 160 universities, which makes the Platform credible. And also, the students who made their courses gave them a positive rating.

American Management Association

The American Management Association is a training industry having in their package, Leadership training courses and seminars.

You also find courses like Certified Professional in Training Management, Agile certification for HR and L&D, Managing Learning Technologies Certificate, Measuring the Impact of L&D Certificate, and more.

The Platform is structured in a way that you can apply for classroom courses, Elearning courses, and onsite courses, and they have a lot of topics where most of them will get you learning about Leadership and management.

The courses are Paid, and the subscription is for free, but students have rated it positively, which makes it a good platform for those who want to invest in having good results.

Bell Leadership Institute

It is one of the oldest institutes that offer leadership programs for organizations. Their main role is to help organizations build leadership mastery. Their programs are focused on practical actions for your specific needs, so if you are a company owner and need to improve your skills, this is the right choice.

With 49 Years of experience, they have already formed more than 500.000 leaders that learned from the best speakers, trainers, and facilitators. they also have positive ratings from their students

Center for Creative Leadership

This Website offers all you need to know about Leadership. This material is delivered through high-quality Podcasts in formats that you can listen to on the go.

They have a whole lot of Leadership Solutions for you to explore, programs for all kinds of students, from Frontline & New Leaders, to Senior Executive Level. On their Platform, you will also find products that will help your Training be richer in knowledge.

Center for Creative Leadership has received good ratings for being specialized in Leadership training. It is a wide range of different courses where you can choose the ones according to your needs.

Master Class Management

Master Class Management offers free topics about Leadership where you can learn by yourself. The classes are divided into ten core lessons covering communications, marketing, operation manager, and hiring.

This might be the right choice if you are still starting your career in Leadership without choosing a specific time to start your Training.

The classification of this Platform is average. However, it is still a good option to start studying leadership skills.

Level 5 Leadership

Level 5 Leadership is a one-hour course that gives you an overview of how to become a top leader. It is based on Ann Arbor SPARK Entrepreneurial Boot Camp Program. This might be the right choice if you just want to have basics.

You will find it inside the Mindtools.com website. You do not need to have gone through the previous levels to become a level 5 leader on this course. 

Once this Training is inside Mindtools.com, the ratings are the same, but of course, there are specific ratings for this course in particular.

Go Skills

This is also a good place to learn leadership skills, it is a paid platform, but you will start with 30 days free. Besides Leadership, they offer courses like Microsoft Excel, Project Management, Soft Skills, Design, Development, and others.

The Platform has five stars of reviews from students and others who attended their courses, making it a good choice for beginners to start their careers as Leaders.

Latitude U

Latitude Learning is a renowned online teaching platform, with solutions for various types of Training for companies and individuals in its range of products. The Training is paid, and the plans are Monthly and annual.

This Platform has been awarded and recognized many times, and their students have rated positively in all Training. No doubt this is the best option for those who are starting and even for experts.

Great Leaders never stop growing and developing. They can keep themselves from fall into the comfort zone, which is a great danger for success.

If you want to be a successful leader, read as much as you can business books, get into discussions, and participate in conferences. You might be born with the gift of being a leader, but more than that, it is essential to where you want to see yourself as a leader in the future.


Being a successful leader is never an easy task. It requires a lot of learning and practicing. In this article, we showed you some of the best places to improve your leadership skills. All of them have options that will attend to your needs.

Identify what leadership qualities you might be missing and learn them. It is essential to have feedback from your audience because this will help you analyze what is missing in your Leadership. These courses will also help you see what is missing in your presentations.

Learning Leadership means investing in the time, but also money. The free platforms are good for basic skills and give you limited tools, which is fine to start. But if your purpose is to become a manager, an executive, a successful entrepreneur or an influencer, to reach and inspire a bigger crowd, then investing in the paid courses is worth it.

As you learn, you will see how important it is to apply for Training or leadership skills courses. Each of the places that we mentioned here has a wide selection of courses with great skills for all leadership areas.

And finally, never stop learning. Attending one course about Leadership will help you a lot in giving that first step towards becoming a successful leader, but whenever you have free time, try to learn more and more and attend other courses to add more knowledge to your baggage. Furthermore, be a good person, and care for those who you will lead, otherwise, no amount of training will suffice!

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