5 Tips to Improve Internal Communication

In a company or organization, there needs to be communication for work to move together cohesively. Communicating by itself is not enough to make improvements in a company. It needs to be good at all levels.

Good communication practices within a company improve the work environment, eliminate the taboos and limits that both employees may have, and ensure that their customers have greater satisfaction with your organization. 

In the recent past, companies’ internal communication was not effective; it was limited to advertisements that a manager mostly issued. Things have changed considerably, but communication practices must be constantly updated to keep up with market demand.

In this article, you will get to know how you can improve internal communication in your organization. You will better understand what it is about and what advantages you can have in applying these practices.

What is Internal Communication?

Internal communication or CI is the process or practices that are done with the aim of making communication more fluid and effective. It helps in the collaboration between managing collaborators and other people who occupy a certain position within an organization.

Internal communication must have managers, and they must ensure that employees work motivated and informed about everything that can happen within the company. There are several ways to channel information, some of which are the intranet, e-mails, and even WhatsApp groups.

Down below, there are five tips on How to Improve your internal communication easily. Any kind of company or start-ups can apply them once you don’t have to make big investments to implement them.

#Improve Internal Communication with this 5 tips
1Make Plans and Set Goals
2Use all technology at your disposal
3Delegate an employee to manage Internal Communication
4Evaluate Periodically

Five Tips on How to Improve your internal communication

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Improve Internal Communication

Make Plans and Set Goals

For a better organization, a company must make work plans, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, but they must be made so that in this way, they can set goals.

When making these plans try to be inclusive, inform all employees about what is going to be planned, give them the floor so they can make suggestions, and know from them where they want to see the company at the end of the time for which the plan was made.

Use All the Technology at your Disposal

The use of technology greatly reduces the time that could be spent on non-digital media. Having an intranet and creating a VPN would guarantee security in the sharing of other content within the institution.

Once security is guaranteed, it is time to think about devices such as internal phones, tablets, and virtual meetings instead of face-to-face meetings. This significantly reduces the time because it is not necessary to prepare a room. It reduces costs. Each participant can make a presentation more flexibly.

More than that, that daily information or assignment of tasks that the manager might have to find one by one person can simply create a virtual chat, gather all employees and send a single message distributing tasks or sharing information.

Have an Internal Comms Champion

As you can imagine a certain area of action, it is always necessary to have someone there to lead and speak for everyone in a single voice. An internal communication manager, among other things, should be responsible for ensuring flexibility in sharing content, being able to receive and address the concerns that employees have.

It is not an easy task since the professional in this area will have to receive different suggestions, complaints, and other things and know how to respond as long as no one gets hurt. He must also collect the results of given tasks, make reports and send them to who it may concern.

Evaluate Periodically

A periodic evaluation will help to understand until which point the employees are engaged and measure their motivation level. And whenever it is noticed that something is failing, it will be through the evaluation that it can be corrected.

It will also be possible to know the company’s performance in that stipulated period and use the technologies chosen by the company to hold a consultation meeting and seek solutions. 

In addition to defining a period for making the assessment, it is also necessary to do a brief daily assessment to avoid accumulating a problem later on. When doing this type of assessment, the professional should apply some kind of conversation that is intended to motivate employees.

Get Feedback from Your Team

More than all of the above, a dialogue is very important. And it is important to mention that in the dialogue, both the employee and the communication professional. It does not need to be in person; it can be viral. Some employees feel more willing to talk only with the person they should speak with.

It is through dialogue that a collaborator’s concerns are fully understood. On the other hand, the communication professional tends to be more sincere in a conversation with two. When facing, many people tend to act defensively and end up omitting one and the other.

Encourage dialogue also between employees, letting each one know what their colleague thinks about a certain situation. In the middle of a simple conversation can bring the solution to that problem that you have been trying to solve for a long time.


Internal communication will always be a process in constant change. The rules that are applicable today, in the future, may cease to be. With this, it is clear that it is necessary to pay attention to see if your company’s practices are still up to date or if they still have any effect.

This article was possible through these tips to understand how important internal communication is for a company. It plays an important role because when communication is weak, work can be affected, and the rest of things may also not keep up with the changes that come with time.

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