Customer Experience vs. Marketing: What do you need to know

Nowadays, people are assuming that customer experience is just another way of saying marketing. Some say that customer experience is the new marketing, but it’s not, and we will tell you why and everything you need to know how they are different.

Let’s start by defining the concept of customer experience and marketing.

Customer experience has to do with the feeling that customers have when and after buying or interacting in any way with a specific brand. Marketing is a planned art to win, delight, and increase customer loyalty.

There are three marketing points, and all of them are important: your market, your message, and your media. What you need is the right message for the right customers and the right market.

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What differentiates marketing from customer experience?

Although some people may think that there is no significant difference between marketing and customer experience, there are things from marketing and things that are from CX, but let’s make it clear that marketing is not only about selling products or advertising your brand. It is more than that.

Marketing is focused on customer needs. If you want to address your public, you have to make sure you choose platforms where your crowd is; you don’t want to choose a platform because it’s suitable for you or find it beautiful.

You have to choose a platform that is right and comfortable for your customers to use. All the customer’s need is to be where they can have access to your products without having to spend a lot of time trying to understand how to use your platform and buy your products.

If your product is well made, from the plan to the final details, you don’t have to worry about convincing your public that your products are right. Before you even plan to make products, you have to see where you are going to sell, see their needs at that time and make something different from what is already in the market.

How to act with consumer experience?

All of us need to understand that customer experience shouldn’t be an area. The whole company should understand what that is. All the company staff should be engaged in the cause because this is how you will have a customer-focused company.

What is exactly the job of a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager’s job is to develop strategies, analyze the scenario, and the economic situation, the products, competitors, knowing the public, do something different from the competitors to achieve better results.

The marketing manager has to pick a product and grant that it arrives at the right customer, to be more exact. More than selling the product, the marketing manager has to convince the customers that the product is good and believe that their brand is the right choice.

Digital Marketing is also nothing more than communicating values to your customers using digital tools. We have TV, Radio, newspaper, billboards, direct mail, and magazines on traditional marketing. 

And on digital marketing, the manager uses internet tools like Search engine marketing, Social media, blogging, email marketing, video creation, and online pay per click advertising.

Does Traditional Marketing Work?

When done well and strategically designed and executed, traditional marketing can still provide good results, but when compared to digital marketing, more often or not, traditional marketing does not have a chance.

You can still use traditional marketing as your backup. In cases where your customers don’t have internet access, they will be satisfied to know that you can still communicate or reach them even when they are from their comfort zone.

Digital marketing, on average, is more cost-efficient and allows you to measure, monitor, analyze, and test at a much better and much faster rate. The key to maximizing your marketing budget and results is to leverage all available digital options and start looking at alternative traditional opportunities.

Some Insights for Better CX and Marketing

As the Head of Customer Experience or Head of Marketing in your company, there are key things you need to consider to improve your customers’ experience with the brand, product, and services, as well as to strengthen brand trust and loyalty.

  • Cultural Changes

In customer experience, you need to include your customers in every decision that you make. Before you decide something, you need to analyze the impact on your customers. We know that this generates more loyalty to buy more often. They will be happier with your company. 

Before you launch your products, spend some time researching to see what is your target in terms of customers, what kind of culture they have. But it is also essential to adapt your brand for changes that eventually can happen.

  • For Better CX and Marketing ROI use Technology as a facilitator

You need to use technology to facilitate your customers’ experience, for example, if the customer can’t come to your company for some reason. There will be times, of course, that customers won’t be able to go to your company to make a deal with you.

In that case, you have to use technology as a facilitator of your brand. Investing in this area will only make your company grow and be ahead of your competitors.

Give them all the options that you can have. This will make the customer believe that he has chosen the right company to do business with. Most of these options must be digital to facilitate their experience with your brand.

Internet solutions must be available for the customers to buy your products, so use the technology around you as a tool to potentialize the customer experience. Websites, social networks, digital leaflets, and posters are the right tools for your brand to deliver a great customer experience.

People now spend most of their time using the internet on mobile phones or tablets, so the solution that is suitable for your brand is web apps and mobile apps. Investing in mobile internet solutions is the way to go if you want to attract more customers and maintain the ones that already have business with you.

  • Measure the Success of Your CX and Marketing Initiatives

Nowadays, we have tools like the Net Promoter Score to measure how satisfied the customers are with your services. If someone recommends you or rate your services from 8 to 10 you will know that you are in the right path, these customers are the promoters of your brand, they will share good thing about your brand.

There also customers that rate your brand from 0 to 6. You have to see where you are failing and do your best to change to a better-quality service, so it is essential to use these tools to see how far you are going and if things are going right.

You have to make sure you choose the right tools for the customers to rate your services. That means the tools have to be easy to use, without unnecessary information or things that can distract the customers on that session or page.

  • Be creative on how to Delight Your Customers

Looking at the customer’s experience means understanding how you manage to delight customers on their journeys, develop attractive products, and look at what the competitors are offering, see their weaknesses, and study how you can use them in your favor.

We live in times when things change fast, trends change from night to day, online buys methods are growing, and your focus must always be on the customers. Include them in your plans and decisions, make them feel comfortable with your brand, in a way that even if the price is not that low, they won’t leave you.


It’s not EVERYTHING you need to know. Still, it is important for you not to get confused about the two terms. Whenever you see Customer Experience Vs. Marketing now, you will have some opinion to share on the topic.

As we said earlier, customer experience is more about the connection and relationship between the brand and the customer. The brand must involve the customer in the plans and decisions, which will make the customer feel part of your brand as a loyal customer.

And marketing is not entirely different, but it focuses more on the brand strength, awareness, supporting sales, and makes people believe that their product is good.

So, to some extent, providing a great customer experience is the ‘new’ form of marketing, especially in B2C, as word of mouth has a great impact on increasing sales volumes and brand awareness. Having customers saying wondrous things about your business, product or service is FREE marketing.

Emidio Amadebai

For the past 2 years, I have been working as the head of Customer Experience, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Finance at an international pay as you go solar home system company working in rural areas in Africa. After my previous 7 years working in B2B, IT&Telecoms industry, as a Service Delivery and Project Manager, having worked with Vodacom, Huawei, and other multinational companies. My job is to make sure we improve the lives of thousands of families, with access to electricity, utilities (radio, TV, lights), doing our very best so that they get the best-in-class customer experience, and succeed in acquiring the products for themselves.

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